Tips To Buying Car

  1. The best advice I can give you is to take your time when buying a car, and don't make any rash, emotional car buying decisions.
    Every car salesman you come into contact with will have only one thing on his or her mind; to get you to buy a car "right now" These people work under the assumption that you will never come back, so they have to close the deal while you're in there the first time.
    Don't give into the pressure. Take your time and sleep on it . . . for several nights! You'll be amazed at how different your perspective will be on a car deal after a couple of days.
  2. Don't let the car salesperson talk you into giving them any deposit before you are ready to buy. If you are paying cash forget about giving them a deposit and just pay for the car in full when you pick it up.
  3. A deposit is nothing more than a means of control to a car sales person. That's the only reason they ask for one. Once they have your money they can lead you around as if you had a ring in your nose!
    And good luck getting it back if the deal goes south! Just tell them "NO!" If they give you a hard time tell them you will go somewhere else to buy a car. This will settle them down! If not, take your business to a car dealer who will not put so much pressure on you . . . If you can find one!
    If you do give them a deposit . . . after the car deal is finalized - not before . . . if at all possible just use a credit card. This way if the deal falls through and they won't return your deposit you can get it back through your credit card company.